Amplifying Financial and Commercial Inclusion

Pay Up provides you with an easy and convenient way to make payments and shop abroad.

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Understand who we are

Pay Up is a company that possesses an umbrella of products that promotes inclusion between Ghana and the rest of the world.

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More than just a company

At Pay Up, we are value focused and put customer needs first. We leverage the power of technology to make our customer’s lives more convenient, even if it’s by 1%.

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: @PayUpGh
: @PayUpGh

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Satisfying Customers, All day, Everyday

Make payments to anywhere and at anytime to friends and family all over Europe, Canada and USA with just the click of a button. #payupghana

Tried @PayUpGh for the first time and I‘m really impressed

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Naa Oyo Glover


Sent money through my mobile money to a UK account through @PayUpGh and it was such a smooth transaction! Very quick and easy! 🤩

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Naadu Mills


I just received money from Ghana to US using @PayUpGh the best financial service on the Ghana market today! It was fast and very efficient, we were done in under ONE minute. This is a service I‘ve looked forward to for a long time!

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Nana Yaa Asamoah

Medical Professional

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